My name is Drew. I wanna start off by saying trying is believing, sometimes I get why people are pessimistic of trying things thats just human nature . Recently I was introduced to painless oils, I was having some pain in my right ankle , I decided to put some oil on it,  I felt a difference INSTANTLY, the second day the pain was no longer there, I was pretty amazed with this product, I highly recommend it..  One of my coworkers was feeling some pain in his left  knee, I said to him that I have something for you to try and he put some on his knee and even noticed a difference, the proof is in the pudding.  I AM A STRONG BELIEVER IN MAKING THE BODY BETTER .. Imagine u could have the chance to make your body better, why would you not? Painless is the way to go.. I will be spreading the word. THANK YOU PAINLES.

I am a 43 year old female who works directly with high risk, aggressive youth and individuals with complex needs.  In 2002 I was in a car accident that left me with an ongoing pain in my lower back that is aggravated usually during physical activity or long drives and sometimes just appears periodically throughout the days.  This pain also makes it very challenging to position myslef at nights and sleep comfortably.  At times I would also find myself taking an extra minute and slowly  getting out of bed in the mornings.  I was recently introduced to Painles and asked to try it out whenever the pain resurfaced. Knowing that this could happen within days, I agreed to try it out.  In August of this year, 2019, the pain occurred randomly during my day. The pain was very unsettling over a period of time (more than a day) and was not subsiding.  I applied the cream ointment on the surface where I was exercising the pain, however, unfortunately the next day the pain was still present and was still quite intense. I inquired more  about the effectiveness of the cream and at this time I was given an oil which is a stronger treatment. The following day, the pain was completely gone. I have not reapplied either treatments since August and I have been able to perform my daily activities and work expectations with limited to no pain or discomfort. In addition to this I have been sleeping comfortably and have had minimal, if any, issues getting out of bed in the mornings.  Would I recommend Painles to others experiencing similar or other pains? Absolutely! Although I have had no need to reapply the treatment, I am considering doing it again, just in case.

I have tried several different types of oils and creams for a pain I’ve been experiencing in right buttock going towards my knee. The pain has been excruciating, so I was willing to try something new that would give me relief. I was introduced to an ointment & oil called Painless, it helped me tremendously. I think what makes this a stand alone product is the relief period ranging anywhere between 10-12 hours, compared to other creams which say they give you a certain relief time but still feel on and off pain throughout.